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Globally around 24 billion tons of fertile soil and 27,000 bio-species are lost each year

Biodiversity, Health

an oncologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London [...] injected lung cancer patients with a common, harmless soil bacteria, Mycobacterium vacca [...] Her patients were happier, expressed more vitality, and better cognitive functioning

Biodiversity, Europe

In England, only one in eight fields had high earthworm numbers

Climate Change

The world’s climate-stressed and pollution-degraded farming and agricultural system must shift quickly to sustainable practices to feed an additional 2 billion mouths expected by 2050, a new United Nations report finds.

Agriculture, Water

during drought years, yields are 30% to 100% higher in the organic systems

Agriculture, Europe

Mean values of Soil Organic Carbon (%C) in Cropland in Spain was 1.05% [...] 1% is a threshold value, which has been established as a desertification limit.

Agriculture, India

63% of India's soils have low organic carbon content

Agriculture, Climate Change

Without CO2 fertilization, effective adaptation, and genetic improvement, each degree-Celsius increase in global mean temperature would, on average, reduce global yields of wheat by 6.0%, rice by 3.2%, maize by 7.4%, and soybean by 3.1%


We are essentially destroying the functionality of soil, so that you have to feed it more and more synthetic fertilizers just to keep growing this crop


Generating three centimeters of top soil takes 1,000 years

Climate Change

by fully harnessing the total technical potential of SOC sequestration across all land use types (3.4 GtC·y−1) and by halting net deforestation (0.9 GtC·y−1), the atmospheric growth of CO2 (4.3 GtC·y−1) would be stopped

Agriculture, America

More than 50 percent America’s topsoil has eroded away. In areas of the Southeast, the country’s original breadbasket, it’s almost all gone.



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